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Head of Film

and Moving Image 

Now that we have designed noook and made it ready for production, our next big job is to tell the world about it.


We believe the best way to do this is through film.


We want to put film at the heart of our communication and Kickstarter Campaign. We don't just want to shoot a single pitch video but a whole load of mini-films covering all our key messaging points. The power of learning by doing. Design Thinking through play. 'The Third Teacher'. Manufacturing in Britain. The Circular Economy, ecology and designing for end-of-use. 


If you're a filmmaker who wants the chance to show just how powerful film can be at communicating, this is the opportunity for you.


Send us your application to telling us a little bit about yourself, and why you are interested in studio noook, along with some examples of your work.


Experience and knowledge of running Kickstarter campaigns, as well as experience working with and directing kids is particularly useful, but not necessary. 

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