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Our Story

Originally designed for the Design Museum, noook was invented as a way of introducing kids to ways in which designers think. Trial and error, learning by doing, discovery, exploration and experimentation. Basically being creative and making things.


What we came up with was noook - and what makes noook so special at fostering this special type of creative play - is the clever way in which this one simple piece of paperboard fits together.  


Inspired by kids' cardboard dens, and the idea that kids learn best by doing, noook was designed to fit together in as many different ways as possible in order to kindle kids' innate creativity. And, at the same time, noook is great at building big, allowing kids to imagine, make, and shape their own space.


This is what makes noook a really simple toy that does a lot.



Design Museum 

Designer in Residence 2015

Design Council 

One to Watch

Design Week Rising Star - Shortlisted

Central Research Laboratory 


bubble London 

Rising Star

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